Raising critical funds for charities and community groups.

Gala Fundraising and Lyfestyle Experiences have joined with some of Australia’s top chefs to offer The BIG DINE-IN!

A partner program to encourage attendees of postponed gala events to dine ‘in style’, at home, or in partner restaurants while supporting charities and not-for-profit organisations.

Currently available in Melbourne metro, you can choose from a range of 3-course dining packages for 2 or more people.

In many cases, a BIG DINE IN purchase contributes more donation profit than a regular ticket to an annual luncheon or gala dinner.

Our award winning chefs have selected outstanding menus of 5 star restaurant quality, expertly adapted for in-home dining. Each menu will be hand delivered to your door, either vacuum sealed or frozen.

Meticulous preparation instructions or video demonstration, will accompany your delivery, to ensure you can simply finish and plate your meal for an exquisite evening at home. Bon Appetit!


Supporting Charities & Community Groups

Can’t host your event? Host your supporters in their homes!

THE BIG DINE IN is a fundraising program where our dining at home menus, raise funds for each participating cause.

With many fundraising events cancelled or postponed, The BIG DINE IN is the perfect dining solution for a ‘remote’ or ‘virtual’ fundraising event, with the potential to add thousands in donations.

With your food & drink component in place, you are free to build towards a ‘virtual’ event by adding streaming content, online fundraising activities or simply just a welcome and thank you message for your BIG DINE IN supporters.

Your fundraising begins with a custom BIG DINE IN campaign page. See our For FUNDRAISERS page for more details.

The BIG DINE IN is available to charities, non-profit organisations, schools, sporting and other community groups.

Fundraisers make over 50% of the profits.

Talk to us about building and customising your BIG DINE IN campaign today!

I Want to Subscribe My Organisation

Participating Fundraisers

By selecting one of your favourite charites, you can then shop at their dedicated BIG DINE IN fundraising page.

Here you will find details on your charity’s fundraising campaign plus the full range of exquisite, at home dining options to support each charities campaign.



Can I select which charity I want to support?2020-05-11T17:02:02+10:00

Yes! Provided they are a program partner of the BIG DINE IN. If you can’t find your preferred charity, encourage them to Contact Us. We can have their campaign loaded in less than a day!

How many people can attend my Big Dine In?2020-05-11T13:54:43+10:00

Please be guided by your state’s in-home restrictions. But don’t forget, encourage friends and family and have a Zoom or other type of virtual link up to make it a true dinner party!

I can’t attend the Big Dine In but I want to donate money.2020-05-11T17:02:17+10:00

That’s wonderful! Contact Us directly and we can direct you to one of our charity partners whom can assist. Otherwise view their website link on their campaign page.

Is there an exact date & time for the Big Dine In?2020-05-13T22:47:35+10:00

Each BIG DINE IN fundraising partner can set their own date, particularly if they are running a ‘virtual’ event. Check out your preferred fundraising partner’s campaign page to see what date/s their virtual event/s are on. Some campaigns may just be one month long.   If you have a certain date in mind an want to dine, Contact Us and we can help.

Does someone have to be home to accept the food and wine when it is delivered?2020-05-11T13:52:30+10:00

Not necessarily but this is advisable to maintain the integrity of the food.

When can I expect my food and wine delivery?2020-05-11T13:51:07+10:00

If your BIG DINE IN charity partner is running a  ‘virtual event’ campaign, your meal will arrive in readiness for that date. Otherwise most meals are delivered between Wednesday and Friday of each week, with contact in advance.

Are cooking/re-heating instructions included?2020-05-11T13:50:01+10:00

Yes. Each BIG DINE IN customer will receive chef prepared, written instructions and/or a short video tutorial on how to heat and plate.

How much money is being donated to the charity?2020-05-11T13:48:28+10:00

For each order the BIG DINE IN is allocating a fixed amount; over 50% of the profits.

If I run a company and can no longer host an annual gala in aid of a charity, can I register for the BIG DINE IN?2020-05-13T22:48:23+10:00

Yes. We welcome philanthropic supporters of charities and other organisations. Your campaign proceeds can be paid directly to your charity on your behalf.

Can we use our own chef?2020-05-13T22:48:40+10:00

Our chefs have a long association with our fundraising business and loyalty is important to us. If you have a chef suggestion in a city not yet serviced by us, then please Contact Us to discuss further.

Can we add an online auction or a raffle?2020-05-11T16:58:14+10:00

You’ve come to the right place! Gala Fundraising is one of Australia’s most trusted and experienced fundraising auction experts. Through our brand www.electronicbidding.com.au we can offer online fundraising for auctions, raffles, buy it now items, pledges, donations, competitions and more!  Contact Us to learn more about adding a full fundraising campaign for your BIG DINE IN customers and supporters.

Is there a limit to the amount of people?2020-05-11T14:04:36+10:00

No. Unless we have multiple campaign nights on the same date in the same city, we may limit meals for quality control.

Is there a minimum amount of guests?2020-05-11T14:03:56+10:00

No. If your annual event usually attracts 100 or 1,000 people, the BIG DINE IN welcomes all event types supporting charities and not-for-profit organisations.

Can we use the platform to further promote our cause?2020-05-11T14:03:12+10:00

Yes. We welcome you to add a campaign target and a specific ‘call to action’ message plus link to your own website for donations.

How much money does our charity make from the Big Dine In?2020-05-13T01:12:44+10:00

With minimal outlays (none for existing Gala Fundraising / Signed and Framed customers), each charity makes over 50% of the profits.


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